Dynamic Bowl

Business hour:
10am – 2am   Monday to Friday
9am – 2am   Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday

Price Rate:
For Public

Monday – Friday  

10am – 2pm
RM2.00 per game

1pm – 6pm
RM3.00 per game (Student age below 17)
RM4.20 per game (Senior Swasta)
RM3.50 per game (Government – One Card for 2 person)

6pm – 1am/2am
RM5.20 per game (Senior Swasta)
RM4.50 per game (Government)


Saturday, Sunday
& Public Holidays

9am – 1am/2am
RM5.20 per game  (Senior Swasta)
RM4.50 per game  (Government)


For Members & Government Servant

10am – 2pm
2pm – 6pm
6pm – 1am
RM2.00 per game (Promotion Price)
RM3.00 per game
RM4.00 per game

Shoes rental: RM2.00 per pair

Dynamic Bowl is the ideal choice for family outings, social activities and bowling events. Equip by 20 bowling lanes, 4 pool tables and indoor bowling café, here has become the prime venue for organization such as KTMB (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad), Smarts Readers Kids and Technical School Johor Bahru to organize bowling tournament for staffs and students. Moreover, Johor Sports Council has chosen this place to run their training program from March to December, which has proven the facilities provided in Dynamic Bowl has reached the ideal level and professional standard. With the goal to promote bowling activities among youth and public, they have come out with a very competitive pricing which is as low as RM2.00 per game which helps the public to enjoy this fun filling sports activity at affordable rate!

For event space enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
07-2237236 (Tel)
07-2237252 (Fax)